Hess Węgrzecki - Hess Business Brokerage

Chris Hess Węgrzecki

Business, Commercial R/E Brokerage

Christopher Hess-Wegrzecki h. Lubicz is Polish-Australian and his professional team is strongly clients focused. Christopher has over 30 years of experience in Business Brokerage-M&A Advisory- commercial real estate including hands-on practical experience in commercial real estate, Owner, Operator of Hotels, Management Rights, and F&B Venues.

His extensive practical knowledge is backed by his formal German, Swiss, and Australian educational qualifications in the specialized areas of commercial real estate brokerage, M&A/Business Brokerage, Hotel-Motel-Management Rights, and business marketing. Christopher’s experience is primarily geographically centered in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region of over 30 years. He has further broad global business experience in many countries including Japan (16+ years), Indonesia (5), Singapore (3), China (5), GCC, Malta, Andorra, Miami, and NYC (10) Also, Christopher conducts business comfortably in English, German and Polish. He has a Diploma in real estate & Business Brokerage, M&A Advisory, Hotel Management, Travel Marketing, Member of Business Brokers and M&A associations in the USA, International M&A Club, Family Office Association in the USA and in Australia.