We have the mandate to negotiate the sale of Gold Certificates – Convertible Bullion Notes – the client, an ASX listed Gold company has a major reserve in Queensland, Australia.
They need to pre-sell some bullion to finance production expansion, which will require c. USD$100-$150m. The mine has a long history of production but was stopped due to economic impediments after the GFC.
The company is currently unable to raise further capital without diluting the major shareholders and the company will not sell the mine because the current mkt cap is under A$20m.
The problem could be solved by issuing Convertible Notes for the required working capital. Hence, they are prepared to offer investors 30% discount on today’s Gold price for delivery of Bullion in 2-4 yrs time. I am advised production can restart in 12 mths as the mine and permits are being maintained.
If your client’s have an interest in Buying Gold certificates, Convertible Bullion Notes at a deep discount, backed by proven bullion [JORC] reserves of 14 million ounces which is in a c.189-page report, please provide written interest (LOI) from the buyer.
The Gold Bullion, once produced, will be delivered/vaulted/ provided by Perth Mint, in the city of Perth in the State of Western Australia, Australia.
If interested, we will ask each investor to sign a ‘NDANC’ and we will have the company confirm each offer in writing, direct to each investor. The Gold Certificates are issued Direct from listed companies. (Agreement and details TBC).
Ps. I am open to negotiating a commercial referral agreement with you for confirmed transactions of potentially up to 1% of each placement above USD$100m.

Krzysztof Wegrzecki