Solaradise Corporation (“Solaris”) is a private island ultra-luxury, Polynesian-style resort real estate development project ith state-of-the-art sustainable green energy, on almost 900 acres in the breathtaking Exuma archipelago in the Bahamas known as “Billionaire’s Row.” The resort encompasses five entire private islands, (1) a 554-acre private island, (2) a 254-acre island, (3) a 75-acre island, and (4 & 5) two adjacent small islands (less than a few acres in size). With crystal-clear waters, lush landscaping, and powder-white beaches, this paradise provide an irresistible condo/hotel investment opportunity and ultimate escape destination for the discerning tastes of the rich and famous. Solaradise is seeking $2.5B in funding for this amazing project, of which our initial round of funding is for $200M.

The ultra-luxury real estate industry caters to the whims of wealthy clientele. Nothing says ultra-luxury and sexy more than private tropical islands with beachfront luxury bungalow estates typically only found on the remote islands of the South Pacific. Solaradise brings this dream destination to five neighboring private islands in the Caribbean, just hours from any American city. The private islands will offer such inspired decadence as (1) the longest natural lazy river in the world (8+ miles of natural lazy river) that connects to private waterfall lagoons attached to most estates; (2) state-of-the-art totally sustainable green technology, and (3) all the resort amenities one could desire including a wellness center, world-class spa, and sports facility, a castle, private airport, medical treatment facility, casino, shopping village, 15 gourmet restaurants, water sports, and a superyacht marina.

Solaradise will sell 300 private beach bungalow estates located on the water’s edge of the islands at a starting price of $5M and $9M per estate. These breathtaking 3,500 square foot and 6,000 square foot Polynesian-styled estates will offer owners the best of both worlds: (1) an ultimate escape property and (2) a revenue-producing company. Each estate may be set up as a corporation. When owners are not using their estate, Solaradise/Hotel Management Company will rent out their estate just like a private villa or penthouse suite. This structure allows its estate owners to pay off their entire real estate investment in a matter of 9-14 years or less while virtually vacationing for free and creating a legacy, revenue-producing asset.

Solaradise’s executive team is ready to sign a binding LOI to purchase these breathtaking tropical islands upon having proof of funds to show island sellers. Solaradise will qualify for tax-free imports of construction materials under the Bahamian Housing Development Act, same denomination accounts reducing in-country banking fees and building permits are now automatically awarded after two weeks. The Bahamian Investment Authority is eagerly anticipating our project and has stated they intend to roll out the red carpet as a Solaradise presentation was given in their offices with great enthusiasm. Additionally, Solaradise has fostered relationships within government and running parties for this 2020 election who strongly support the job creation and economic benefits this project will provide.
Logistical operations will be based out of Palm Beach as shipping containers are loaded and sent only 6 miles to port. A major strength of the project is Solaradise Marine, managing a fleet of vessels supporting construction timelines, materials, personnel, and more and the current opportunities are tremendous to acquire vessels at a fraction of the cost. A cruise ship will be docked at the islands as a floating hotel to accommodate large construction crews.
Solaradise’s Executive Team and Project Experts

  • CEO/Co-Founder with 20 years of management, building, and engineering experience. BS in Business Management with 20 years in financial analysis and financial markets experience
  • President, Co-Founder, and CMO with over 25+ years of executive, entrepreneurial, training, and ultra-luxury travel industry experience. She has procured over $400M in term sheets and closed deals
  • Chief Operating Officer and CEO of Solaradise Marine with more than 25 years of experience in the shipping and maritime industry. Currently responsible for more than 12K ships in operation and played a major role in his family’s island resort project in Norway
  • Chief Development Officer with over 35+ years as an engineer and executive managing global projects for the government and Lockheed Martin. Managed construction projects in excess of $300M from teardown, construction, and systems re-integration.
  • Project Engineer with more than 15+ years of executive management experience with billion-dollar real estate projects
  • CFO with more than 15+ years executive that has been a Director for one of the big-four accounting firms, speaks multiple languages, and understands the challenges of project reporting, publicly-traded corporations, taxation, and more
  • Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel that is a licensed attorney who owned his own law firm for 20+ years, worked all over the world in operations setting up intricate strategies, M&A, and government contracts within the energy and real estate arenas
  • Chief Technology Officer with 25+ years of executive experience designing, developing and managing worldwide technology systems, with management over P&L’s in excess of $500M+
  • Chief Gaming Officer who has over 30 years of experience with data analysis and fully understands the gaming industry. He was Chief of Staff for the CIO of Microsoft and is the Director of Data Intelligence for Blizzard, one of the world’s top gaming companies.
  • SVP of Resort Revenue with more than 25+ years of executive experience in the cruise and ultra-luxury travel industry. She ran all resort revenue for the largest luxury all-inclusive resort in the world – Sandals.
  • SVP of Real Estate Development who is a GC with more than 30+ years of real estate development experience in massive projects
  • SVP of Sales, Marketing, and Branding Executive with 25+ years of experience developing new corporate sales and marketing plans for more than 350 different companies

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