The storage and truck site in Gdynia is a property offering space for services, warehouses, or production purposes. The building is divided into separate and independent segments. A typical segment may have a warehouse or service function that allows for the arrangement of showroom-type stores. Within each segment, an office and public area have been separated, adapted to the individual arrangements of the tenant. All premises have direct access to the main communication route, as well as an entrance from the maneuvering top. LOCATION: Distance to Terminal DCT Gdynia less than 5 km 10 km from Gdynia Airport The project is located next to the street and next to rail tracks, by the port of Gdynia. 5km away from S6 and S7 freeway SCOPE OF ACTIVITY LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE FORMS IN POSSESSION Architect project for the building and city’s development permits, property management. LEGAL FORM Limited Liability Company The purpose of the land development is the renting spaces- divided offering segments combine office and storage space. Additionally, there is an area for further possible development outside of the perimeters. 


Land freehold 10000 m2 ~4.5M EUR  

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